Design, comfort, safety

Enjoy the nature

In search of effective solutions for insects problems we don’t forget about convenience. Thus, we have created MSQ line combining technology against insects, viruses and bacteria.

Our clothing is designed and manufactured in Poland. We combine technologies developed by specialists: Sanitized AG shield that repels insects with Rudolf Gmbh active antimicrobial components. We then add a pinch of travel knowledge tested on a number of routes – to ensure comfort in all conditions.

MSQ has gone on tour with dozens of travellers. Now it’s your turn!
Plan your adventure and feel freely while exploring natural landscapes.

Durable fabrics

Mixture of cotton and elestane enriched with nanoGUARD technology effectively repels insects even after 70 washings, which means for about 2 years.

Natural shield

Active components adhering to fibres simulate the effect of permethrin – the natural substance repelling insects produced by chrysanthemum and tansy.