Clothing with nanoGUARD technology

Comfortable insect protection

Intrusive insects in addition to being a pain in the neck, may transmit dangerous viruses, bacteria and parasites. They are barely visible and extremely dangerous enemies. Catch them off guard by your invisible weapon!

MSQ clothing with nanoGUARD technology is a convinient way of protection against buzzing threats – no fragrance, no irritation. Roar into adventures in the great outdoors.

Become invisible to insects

Odour-free technology

Comfortable MSQ T-shirts

Clothing with nanoGUARD technology is an effective and comfortable protection against insects. Due to the content of silver ions, our clothing has antimicrobial properties even after 70 washings.

Plan your adventure – no buzzing threats!

Jony srebra


Active molecules of permethrin make you invisible.

Ochrona przed kleszczami

Forget about ticks

Defend yourself against ticks even in deep bushes.

Ochrona przed komarami

Clothing to repel mosquitos

It is high time for outdoor vacations – no itchy blisters and bites.


Durability and protection

Comfortable camouflage protecting against insects – suitable for allegry sufferers. 2 year warranty!


Cotton of the highest quality

Cotton of the highest quality

Enriched with safe active components that simulate a natural protective substance produced by chrysanthemum and tansy.

Durable protection

Durable protection

Nanotechnology designed for comfort and safety. 2 year warranty – effective protection against insects even after 70 washings.
Naturally, safely and comfortably

Your toolbox for any adventure

Our clothes use Swiss technology Sanitized that effectively protects against insects and bacteria. The new component of your travel toolbox!

T-shirts for travellers of all ages, made of cotton and elastane fiber. Our T-shirts do not irritate your skin and are safe for allergy sufferers.

Thoughtful design

Enjoy the nature!

MSQ line is a combination of effective solutions and comfort in all conditions. Using the experience gained on trials and state-of-art technology of Sanitized AG and Rudolf Gmbh, we created comfortable clothes that will stay for good in your rucksack.

Effective protection against mosquitos, ticks and other insects that makes you feel freely outside exploring the secrets of nature.